Are You Puzzled by Your Late Client’s Digital Life?

From closing credit card accounts, to library cards, to social security, we can help you get started with estate administration. Don’t let the value of your late client’s estate decrease due to identify or other theft.

Your fiduciary responsibility for estate administration requires data that is locked in cyberspace. Restricted access is problematic and using confidential identifiers is almost impossible. You’ll need to locate financial records, angel investments, real estate deeds, sites storing the decedent’s social security number and so much more to determine the estate value, prevent wastage and secure the assets from identity theft. Procedures to lock records vary by agency and state-specific regulation.

In our free e-book, “How to Close Your Late Client’s Social Media Accounts” we will show you how you can close and remove profiles from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. You want to remove social media accounts because thieves often use clues from old social media profiles to “socially engineer” their way into identity theft.