What We Do

We deliver superior estate administrative support with a robust suite of products for legal and financial professionals, insurance agents, individuals and successors nationwide.


Prevent Identity Theft

We help the successor and the professional team lock down and secure the assets and the legacy of the deceased. Upon death and after court appointment, we help the professional team assemble and lock estate asset and liabilities records. Detailed obituaries present fraudsters with the challenge to impersonate the deceased and obtain assets belonging to the estate. Working with Legacy Concierge ensures timely notifications to help prevent identity theft during the grieving period, when successors may not be able to concentrate on securing assets belonging to the deceased.

Assemble Access Codes for Estate Assets

For the individual client, we gather and secure personal data one final time with Auto-Grab™. We use this extracted data to build or refresh an Electronic Vault™ containing encrypted records representing digital assets and electronic records of their client. At no time in the process does Legacy Concierge have access to the your client’s valuable information. We only access information showing an account has been created and we have been able to provide you with the information to close the account.

Personal information is stored in discrete categories such as:

  • Email personal, business, addresses and contact lists
  • Bank accounts, brokerage, investments, crypto-currency
  • Licenses, passports, voter registration, tax bills
  • Housing, mortgages, leases, utilities, communications
  • Insurance policies, home, scheduled items, boats, planes
  • Medical providers, concierge care, specialists, clinics
  • Shopping, subscriptions, charitable organizations
  • Social, recreational, community, professional clubs

Research and Use Post-Death Notification Instructions

For the legal team, we research and provide Agency-Lock™ deactivation instructions to support the lawyer, paralegal, fiduciary, executor and other appointed representatives securing digital assets at organizations including:

  • Email providers
  • Photo archives
  • Research libraries
  • Social networks
  • Medical institutions
  • Public organizations

Stop Organization Outreach to the Deceased

We help the successor notify organizations that had a relationship with the deceased and request that their marketing teams remove the deceased’s name from their records and stop all communications, renewal notices or electronic mail addressed to the deceased. Because we research and maintain the current Agency-Lock™ procedures, we use the current national and regional notification methods and provide required documents to satisfy our request on behalf of the successor.

For the personal representative and successors, we instruct organizations to discontinue or redirect:

  • Electronic announcements
  • Membership solicitations
  • License renewals
  • Professional emails
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Social announcements